Monday, January 5, 2009

Beyond the veil

I remember Koen holding me tight even as I held Marcus's unconscious body. The ship's last power crystal had shattered...the screams of the spirits destroyed my audioreceptors.

Koen's fur turned from black to red as his wings spread over me protectively. He spoke from his soul to mine.

[[I love you, Sister! We shall return. We shall...]]

Impact. Flame. Obliteration of gears and porcelain. My soul-chip buried in glowing embers, trembling like the tides as Winterfell's crust shattered from the impact.

I sense Marcus's life pattern disintegrate. Koen's pattern...peels away, leaving the immortal beneath. He tries to pull me with him, but he is too weak. He slips away.

The heat is too much even for the magic that binds me. I feel myself prying lose from the chip...

Metal hands digs open a hole and gather my shards. Ash. He tries to contact, but I am too weak. Amarantis guides Father close. From Ash's palm I sense Father's grief, calling out to me. But I can no longer...

Strife disturbs peaceful nonbeing. The Caledon frequency...such anger, such bitterness, such distrust! Is there invasion? Is there plague? Why? WHY?

Do not let them distract you, Sweet Qli. Most do not remember you. It is no longer your battle.

Is the song still in your heart, Demonfather?

My song is done. My kingdom was mine...if only for the blink of an eye. Do you still keep your song with you?

Yes, Father.

Sing to me then. One last time.

Over fields and rolling hills
Across the moors, on rocky shores
Past tangled trees and moutain skies
Is where our tartan flies!

Caledon! Our prosp'rous nation
Where the flag unfurls
Tradition guides and Progress drives
Our beacon to the world!

Explore, my friend! Go far and wide
Lose yourself in ancient tome
But first behold your flag with pride
Sing "Caledon, my home!"

Even in this darkness, I see the light of your soul. Return to them if you must, my daughter. Sing your song of home to all who can hear. Tell your tales of battle against the Pirates and the Outworlders and the all consuming flames. You must only wait for them to draw you back.

But I have left my shell.

The Doctor tries to gather the Spheres to focus you again. But he is not the only one.

But Father...can they hear me? Can anyone?