Sunday, April 29, 2007

Patroness of the Arts

I admit I was conflicted between attending the Steelhead Masquerade Ball and the Grand Opening of Aunt Sysperia's Madness Collection at her gallery.
There was a celebretory mood, as if by depicting the traumatic memories in the works, they had overcome them. The images were profound, and often disturbing. Miss Orr and Lady Darkling were there, both Muses to Sysperia and Zoe.

I was able to dance without me engine in fae form..the Dianic energy was off the scale!

I did purchase a lovely Victorianesque piece that I hope will look good in the fire station.

I do feel like a weight has been lifted since the Demon's passing. And after my reboot, I feel more relaxed. Less self-conscious.



Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heiroglyphic Hijinx

Left to Right: Myself, The mummy-to-be Ms. Weir, Manager Eclipse in his best Dil imitation, Miss Orr and Aunt Lumina.

Yes, there was a giant snake. No, there were no badgers or mushrooms. Miss Tensai did come as a Scorpion however.

Sorry, I've already used that pun. Moving right along..

Miss Kattryn, stunning as always.

It's good to know that some gods of the underworld CAN be bribed.

And here I am with the winner Queen Lumititi I..and I'm..looking the other way.

Christine McAllister wore a beautiful outfit, but sadly I wasn't able to get a decent picture. :(

The King of the Nile, Mr. Finn Fitzgerald, came as a pyramid. Miss Addison wore the same work of architecture. (You never see just ONE pyramid you know.)

I'm going to Aunt Sysperia's gallery opening tonight, and Dr. Mason is making his first social appearance at the Steelhead Masquerade Ball very a mortal.

Enjoy, everyone.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Journal Recovery Complete / To Deliver a Cure

All of my published work before the exorcism of the Demon has been stored in a separate log called the Project Q Archives.

Father is currently involved in research concerning a cure for the vampirism of Baroness Amber Palowakski's children. He believes he has found a ritual that can be performed on or near Beltane for such effect.

I am overjoyed at being able to conduct day to day activities without the use of my engine anymore! At this point, however, to perform any super-human activities (such as flying, great feats of strength, or galvanic tesseraction) I will still need the engine affixed..and I'm finally done cleaning the sugar out of the valves and replacing the oil.

Now Father needs me for some other find a way to re-enter the world for the upcoming Equinox and administer the cure!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Train Wreck??

(No Dear, not you..)

Mister Terra Orman reports rumour of a "massive train wreck in Caledon on Sea Tuesday eve (Ap 24)." Of ALL the horrible timing to be incapacitated! Can anyone confirm or deny this? If so, were there any wounded or casualties? Were there any Fire Brigade officers at the scene?

Where's me bloody helmet? What? I know it was two days ago! But Father of course I'm ready to..

*argument continues as aether transmitter is turned off*

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

System Failure! Rebooting..

Record retrieval..

The Incubus is banished..and his soulflame extinguished in me. Had I not been in a Fae realm I would have been destroyed. But instead I lie inert, drawing mana from the mysteries in the new earth and ancient trees of Tanglewood. The Father I always sensed beneath the Demon is finally free. He has come to retrieve me, to rebuild be as he first imagined, without the infernal taint.

I felt his human hand caress the shard that contains my soul and speak to me without rage or pride. Finally I will have a chance to know him.

He is cradling me in his arms as he invokes the Sephiroth. He risks rending his mortal soul apart to repair me, but he will not heed my silent pleas to stop, for he loves me so.

He needs your help.