Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heiroglyphic Hijinx

Left to Right: Myself, The mummy-to-be Ms. Weir, Manager Eclipse in his best Dil imitation, Miss Orr and Aunt Lumina.

Yes, there was a giant snake. No, there were no badgers or mushrooms. Miss Tensai did come as a Scorpion however.

Sorry, I've already used that pun. Moving right along..

Miss Kattryn, stunning as always.

It's good to know that some gods of the underworld CAN be bribed.

And here I am with the winner Queen Lumititi I..and I'm..looking the other way.

Christine McAllister wore a beautiful outfit, but sadly I wasn't able to get a decent picture. :(

The King of the Nile, Mr. Finn Fitzgerald, came as a pyramid. Miss Addison wore the same work of architecture. (You never see just ONE pyramid you know.)

I'm going to Aunt Sysperia's gallery opening tonight, and Dr. Mason is making his first social appearance at the Steelhead Masquerade Ball very a mortal.

Enjoy, everyone.

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Amber_Palowakski said...

*hates missing all the fun social events in Caledon and Steelhead*