Saturday, October 27, 2007

In Art there is Danger and Madness

After Dr. Darien Mason defeated Jeremiah with a teapot full of holy water and freed me from his trap, I rushed to Sysperia Poppy's for her invitation-only club opening in Xanthas. With multiple RL crises, computer failures, and busy shooting schedules it seems I haven't seen her in ages. But once I got there, I was cradled in the love of her and her fellow Muses.. Darkling.. Terry.. Emilly.. Neome.. Midnight.. and several Sister Muses I met for the first time.

Cellside Unknown and Sysperia played hard rock, Gothic, and Industrial 'til the wee hours. The first event was Most Dangerous..having just escaped from a house full of haunted dolls, I did feel a bit..unhinged.

She invited us to share her madness with her. And I did. The curtain of RP was drawn aside as the greatest frustrations of the Bloodwing Deva were confessed to her. She understood..especially how it is to be misunderstood as an Artist. She is dismissed by the shallow for painting in mouse-clicks and not tempura. I am chided for composing symphonies on a keyboard of letters, and not notes. And I was rewarded. She let me do what is in my family's blood. She let me become her Hostess.

Her next event was Bring your Madness. I shifted from Axe-Murdering Doll to Digital Cyborg to the Lavalust form she inspired me to build. Too disturbing for the Age of Steam, I was told. But it felt sooo good to forget the Machine in me for a while. Iason didn't seem to mind at all. *smiles*

I won the contest by a landslide, but..a trace of Caledonian in me said it just wasn't proper for the Hostess to win the I gave my share of the prize to the Lakoli and Undine. I was revived and replenished last ways more fulfilling than through the tip jar.


P.S. Saturday's event will shall I say? Dressing as the other gender. Bloodwing is threatening to show up in a pink bikini. *shudder*

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm having a Tea Party!

I'm having a Tea Party! Will you come play with me? Won't you stay and play with me? What a lovely day, to have a *click* tea party! I'

*hissing as serpentine jaws clench the key and twist with the click and groaning of springs*

I'm trap..! I'm having a Tea party! I'm having a Tea Party! Will you come and play with me! Won't you stay and play with me? Such a lovely day to have a *click* tea party..

*hissing and deep echoing laughter*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Grandfather Jeremiah has kidnapped my Aunt Lumina!

Read the Bloodwing Foundation journal for Bloodwing's side of the story!

I fear I am helpless in this matter. When I was captured by Jeremiah he decoded my programming. With a few phrases he could literally rip me apart..or warp me into something as twisted as he. I did foil him with the Song, but I see his new Hydra body is less human than his last. He may not have human ears to absorb the notes that seduced the serpents.

The Riddle confounds me. I lack the experience to decipher the metaphors. I tried to tesseract into the Future to recover History not yet written..but Qlippothic Steele is jamming my aetheric quantum modulator..there's no mistaking her maniacal laughter!

Dr. Darien Mason is off on a mission of mercy..that must be why Jeremiah attacked when he did. It is up to Bloodwing and Koen..and our solve the Riddle.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The End and Begining of the Mechanoid Age

Club Mechanoid has shut its doors. A pity, but apparently the staff has moved to a new venue called "Da 'Kor". Bloodwing is ambivalent. He said the required groups were so spammy he stared calling it "Club Make-Annoyed".

Speaking of Bloodwing, he risked capture by the Hydra by coming to see speak with me during Moulin Rouge night at the Saloon.

I do not often ask my demon-father for advice. But this once, I needed to tap his millennia of experience..good and the affairs of the heart.

As Our song goes, Sweet Qli, Nothing's Ventured, Nothing's Gained, So You Must Seize the Day. Above all, be honest with the one you desire. Trust me, my Shining burden is worse than bearing centuries of regret.

And so..I surrendered to the one who understands me even more than my Creators. I confessed my dreams, and they were in turn embellished. Every gauge could have cracked, every pipe burst, my engine melted in a plume of flame..and I would have drifted into inertness wreathed in contentment.

I shall wait to see if directives are understood and carried through before details are disclosed. If the blueprints are sound, the scope of this ongoing narrative shall reach epic scale!


Sunday, October 7, 2007


And no, I'm not talking about my undead Grandfather.

Guvna Shang told us in the State channel that his entire inventory has disappeared.

Colonel O'Toole already reported a similiar disaster happening to his fellow Hobo, the gifted builder and urchin Arcadia Asylum.

But this is the first time, to my knowledge, that the Lindens have fumbled the builds, possessions, and records of the head of a virtual state into the Digital Void.

The Guvna has sworn not to abandon us or his Empire, but the relevance of holding on to the avatar Desmond Shang has come into question.

He has sworn to send his deva to the doorstep of Linden Labs to recover his data, if that is what it takes. I hope this is resolved soon, Guvna!

(This does raise the question of what would happen to Caledon if something horrendous befell his deva, but that is another post.)