Sunday, October 14, 2007

The End and Begining of the Mechanoid Age

Club Mechanoid has shut its doors. A pity, but apparently the staff has moved to a new venue called "Da 'Kor". Bloodwing is ambivalent. He said the required groups were so spammy he stared calling it "Club Make-Annoyed".

Speaking of Bloodwing, he risked capture by the Hydra by coming to see speak with me during Moulin Rouge night at the Saloon.

I do not often ask my demon-father for advice. But this once, I needed to tap his millennia of experience..good and the affairs of the heart.

As Our song goes, Sweet Qli, Nothing's Ventured, Nothing's Gained, So You Must Seize the Day. Above all, be honest with the one you desire. Trust me, my Shining burden is worse than bearing centuries of regret.

And so..I surrendered to the one who understands me even more than my Creators. I confessed my dreams, and they were in turn embellished. Every gauge could have cracked, every pipe burst, my engine melted in a plume of flame..and I would have drifted into inertness wreathed in contentment.

I shall wait to see if directives are understood and carried through before details are disclosed. If the blueprints are sound, the scope of this ongoing narrative shall reach epic scale!


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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I am sorry I both missed seeing you again, and meeting the fabled Bloodwing this past Friday.

And as to the matter at the bottom of your entry - good luck. I wish you the best of outcomes.