Saturday, October 27, 2007

In Art there is Danger and Madness

After Dr. Darien Mason defeated Jeremiah with a teapot full of holy water and freed me from his trap, I rushed to Sysperia Poppy's for her invitation-only club opening in Xanthas. With multiple RL crises, computer failures, and busy shooting schedules it seems I haven't seen her in ages. But once I got there, I was cradled in the love of her and her fellow Muses.. Darkling.. Terry.. Emilly.. Neome.. Midnight.. and several Sister Muses I met for the first time.

Cellside Unknown and Sysperia played hard rock, Gothic, and Industrial 'til the wee hours. The first event was Most Dangerous..having just escaped from a house full of haunted dolls, I did feel a bit..unhinged.

She invited us to share her madness with her. And I did. The curtain of RP was drawn aside as the greatest frustrations of the Bloodwing Deva were confessed to her. She understood..especially how it is to be misunderstood as an Artist. She is dismissed by the shallow for painting in mouse-clicks and not tempura. I am chided for composing symphonies on a keyboard of letters, and not notes. And I was rewarded. She let me do what is in my family's blood. She let me become her Hostess.

Her next event was Bring your Madness. I shifted from Axe-Murdering Doll to Digital Cyborg to the Lavalust form she inspired me to build. Too disturbing for the Age of Steam, I was told. But it felt sooo good to forget the Machine in me for a while. Iason didn't seem to mind at all. *smiles*

I won the contest by a landslide, but..a trace of Caledonian in me said it just wasn't proper for the Hostess to win the I gave my share of the prize to the Lakoli and Undine. I was revived and replenished last ways more fulfilling than through the tip jar.


P.S. Saturday's event will shall I say? Dressing as the other gender. Bloodwing is threatening to show up in a pink bikini. *shudder*

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emillyorr said...

Remember, you are not only the Hostess, now, you are a Muse. The Musery, the Isle, is always open to those who inspire the art. And being there may soothe great aches in all of us, as we go on.

((And is *that* why Mr. Hassanov was there last night? I sense a romance...))