Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Grandfather Jeremiah has kidnapped my Aunt Lumina!

Read the Bloodwing Foundation journal for Bloodwing's side of the story!

I fear I am helpless in this matter. When I was captured by Jeremiah he decoded my programming. With a few phrases he could literally rip me apart..or warp me into something as twisted as he. I did foil him with the Song, but I see his new Hydra body is less human than his last. He may not have human ears to absorb the notes that seduced the serpents.

The Riddle confounds me. I lack the experience to decipher the metaphors. I tried to tesseract into the Future to recover History not yet written..but Qlippothic Steele is jamming my aetheric quantum modulator..there's no mistaking her maniacal laughter!

Dr. Darien Mason is off on a mission of mercy..that must be why Jeremiah attacked when he did. It is up to Bloodwing and Koen..and our solve the Riddle.


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