Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On the Waves and Winds of the New Caledon Sea!

Note myself in the small Babbage Canal Runner, watertight and perfect for inspecting the hulls of ships.

Approaching Mr. Hassanov's ironclad.

Inside the ironclad!

Touring Caledon's rivulets I began having system failures with the submersible. Somewhere wedged in a dimensional corner between the new sim and Bardhaven I was ejected from the Runner and I haven't seen it since. Please let me know if you see it adrift or sunk somewhere if you please?

The long-haired gentleman is Mr. K. Enoch he is an inventor of aircraft and a Qabalist as well. I suspect you will be reading more about him in my journals.

Dr. Figaro proudly presents a heliocopter requisitioned for the Caledon Red Cross for extracting patients for emergency transport. Father will be very pleased!

With all the commotion we attracted the attention of the Giant Bunneh from Mount Phillip! Shoo! I've got my own epic serial multi-blog saga-quest-thing I'm involved in, thankyouverymuch!

No, Bunneh! That's NOT a carrot!

What is it with giant monsters scaling large structures, anyway?

Fine. You're King of the Island. The Guvna will be terraforming in a few hours and you'll be squeezed back into some bloke's Inventory. Enjoy it while you can. And if you see my Canal Runner, it's not a vitamin pellet!


Monday, August 27, 2007

And now a word from our sponsor!

Seeing as how Captain Szondi is hosting the firehouse on his property free of charge, the least I could do for him is advertise one of his several products. Hence the banner above. Seeing as how I consume coal for sustenance, I will respectfully hold my tongue about the term British Cuisine.

If anyone else would like to advertise their (in-world) products on my journal, do contact me. I am amenable.


P.S. If you haven't already, do read up on my father's shared journal, The Bloodwing Foundation.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

this too shall pass

Much happening, so here are some quick updates. Pictures to follow.

Sysperia has vanished form the grid, this time apparently for good. I wish her well. She made me feel powerful in porcelain. She let me revel as a burning demoness. She made me feel like a work of art. And most of all, she taught me that one must set limits of what is demanded of us. Even if we may find it impossible to resist.

She may be gone. The King may have indeed Fallen. But I am still an Elite Muse. And I encourage all other Muses to hold your heads high. We have learned much from knowing her, even if we had run ins with her darker side. We must stay together. I think we should still celebrate our status, and continue to model. We are all of us subjects and all of us artists.

We have new residents in Steelhead. Mr. Aza Zymurgy is an artist. Perhaps he would like to show his works down the street at the Foundation? Kiralette and her beau Gnarlihotep have returned to our town as well.

Mr. Szondi continues work on the firehouse. It will be magnificent indeed.

I dropped in on the celebration of Dame Paris' completion of the Relay for Life, sponsored by the Caledon Early Bird Club. It was a Monty Python themed event. Far too silly. I loved it.

I am still filing my report on what Koen and I found in the ruins of the elder Dr. Mason's estate. I hesitate to finish. Father will not be pleased with the discoveries therein.

I see Father hunched over his desk by the candlelight, running his fingers over his abacus and shaking his head. Do not despair, Doctor. You will find new opportunities as will I. Your generosity shall be returned to you many times over. Do not forget that there is more to this Grid than Linden Dollars and square meters.


Friday, August 10, 2007

sephiroth reactivating..please standby

Eyelids open to glowing embers, heat rises to the underside of the glass case as I stare up at the lovely flower. My lips part in a cold, airless whisper.

my musician wakes me
stirs my soul
and makes me whole

The flower is lifted from view as the lid opens. The Doctor and the Demon both come into view, smiling warmly.

"Welcome back, Child." Says the horned one.

"Don't try and move yet, Qli. It will take a while to restart your systems."

The Doctor lays the flower on my chest..the petals are soft..the aroma is heady and sweet. It reminds me of Tanglewood..Darkling's garden. I feel something soft rubbing against my feet and a loud purring. I see the tip of a crimson tail curving at the edge of my vision.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

energy failure.. systems shutting down..

I don't want to leave, but I have no choice. I shall return as soon as I can.

*enters her repair chamber, clutching two of a librarian, one of a pirate*


*whispering to herself*

the last note fades
i am laid in my case
and the lid is closed
but i know
my musician knows
i wait for when
a breath
my lips again


Monday, August 6, 2007

On Duty and Beauty

Lady Darkling has sold the propery upon which CFB-K (Caledon Fire Brigade - Cay) currently stands. My father has spoken to one of the two J├Ągers who have purchased the land, Mavromichali Szondi. The other humanoid, as I read from the new deed, is Patches Mathy. I will hazard a guess and assume they are a couple.

Mr. Szondi agrees that the Fire Brigade should keep its outpost in the Cay, especially considering the rough-and-tumble nature of the neighborhood. He has provided us with a new sign. He even mentioned stocking the firehouse with sellable furniture, or even a new structure.. *crosses fingers*

I transported to Primverness to add the new sign to CFB-HQ. They still had the decor for the Order of the Wounded Rabbit hanging for the militiamen that were injured in the first Martian invasion.


Moving right along..

While searching for the lift going down I ran into Naddeh Slade, an inventor who spoke to someone about me, and somehow got the impression that I was Sir Edward's daughter! I corrected him, telling him that was indeed speaking to my father, Dr. Mason.

He asked me if I'd like to buy a new arm. I'm always looking for spare parts, so I negotiated what I thought was a decent price which included the blueprints for modifying it.

I take a predictably abrupt ride in Mr Slade's craft to the ground..


I assume this is temporary. With one firehouse in absentia and another one with new owners I was starting to worry.

WHile I refit the arm to a size and shape compatible with my chassis, Sysperia Poppy contacts me. She say she wants me to pose and be interviewed for her Beautiful People collection. Much of what was discussed was Out of Character, and some even private. She told me things I needed so desperately to hear about myself, my House, and my Deva.

To be involved in the exhibit means highlighting the person behind the the pixels being manipulated. For the sake of Art, and possibly of Healing, I was being invited to disclose facts I keep to my closest friends and family. I have much to ponder.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Terror in Tiny Town

It was nice to see so many avatars in the saloon again. There was lots of a room, especially since they were tinies! The event was sponsored by Mr. 1wuz gray (who being a nocturnal creature at GMT 0 unfortunately could not make it to the event) was there in spirit as I hung his posters around the bar room. Here we see the lovely Miss Lumina in a lovely faekitty form..she says sly foxes follow her all the time even when she's big, too.

People said I had a cute avatar. A little boxy, but surprisingly agile.

Even as a tiny Miss Emilly looks mysterious.


The ladies contest winner, My Little Sim Owner, Miss Kattryn Severine

The mens contest winner, the Pocketer of Polyjuice Potions, the Kuddly Koala Sir Edward Pierce, who pulled his wife Lady Christine out of his hat.

Sir JJ looks very distinguished as a hippogriff! He was hosting a Bookbinder's Ball and was kind enough to put a tiny bug in Duchess Gabrielle's ear to ask everyone to drift over to our event when theirs was finished. I'd take a few hops back if I were you, Lunar!

Sheriff Ortega has an amazing tolerance. Or he was just too busy smurfing as a DJ to smurf the smurf out of that smurf-smurf smurfing smurf!

Is this a tiny or a macro-quantum? Did anyone ever count all his electrons?

Just as we were finishing up, Father's new construction droid ambled in, modulating something about "pest control". We put our humanoid skins back on and left quickly.