Thursday, August 16, 2007

this too shall pass

Much happening, so here are some quick updates. Pictures to follow.

Sysperia has vanished form the grid, this time apparently for good. I wish her well. She made me feel powerful in porcelain. She let me revel as a burning demoness. She made me feel like a work of art. And most of all, she taught me that one must set limits of what is demanded of us. Even if we may find it impossible to resist.

She may be gone. The King may have indeed Fallen. But I am still an Elite Muse. And I encourage all other Muses to hold your heads high. We have learned much from knowing her, even if we had run ins with her darker side. We must stay together. I think we should still celebrate our status, and continue to model. We are all of us subjects and all of us artists.

We have new residents in Steelhead. Mr. Aza Zymurgy is an artist. Perhaps he would like to show his works down the street at the Foundation? Kiralette and her beau Gnarlihotep have returned to our town as well.

Mr. Szondi continues work on the firehouse. It will be magnificent indeed.

I dropped in on the celebration of Dame Paris' completion of the Relay for Life, sponsored by the Caledon Early Bird Club. It was a Monty Python themed event. Far too silly. I loved it.

I am still filing my report on what Koen and I found in the ruins of the elder Dr. Mason's estate. I hesitate to finish. Father will not be pleased with the discoveries therein.

I see Father hunched over his desk by the candlelight, running his fingers over his abacus and shaking his head. Do not despair, Doctor. You will find new opportunities as will I. Your generosity shall be returned to you many times over. Do not forget that there is more to this Grid than Linden Dollars and square meters.



Diamanda Gustafson said...

Dear Qli,

I am glad you enjoyed the party, as we put our best efforts to make it as silly as humanly (and avatarly) possible.

Seraph Nephilim said...

Dearest Qli,

Sysperia did leave and has returned, even reinstating one of her blogs: TwoSpirit Art - Sysperia Poppy

Qlippothic Projects said...


This is wonderful news..wonderful news indeed!

emillyorr said...

But she is shaken indeed. All we can do is support her.

But she is contemplating art again. Though the next show will be darker.

Much darker.