Friday, August 10, 2007

sephiroth reactivating..please standby

Eyelids open to glowing embers, heat rises to the underside of the glass case as I stare up at the lovely flower. My lips part in a cold, airless whisper.

my musician wakes me
stirs my soul
and makes me whole

The flower is lifted from view as the lid opens. The Doctor and the Demon both come into view, smiling warmly.

"Welcome back, Child." Says the horned one.

"Don't try and move yet, Qli. It will take a while to restart your systems."

The Doctor lays the flower on my chest..the petals are soft..the aroma is heady and sweet. It reminds me of Tanglewood..Darkling's garden. I feel something soft rubbing against my feet and a loud purring. I see the tip of a crimson tail curving at the edge of my vision.

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Family is important...