Saturday, August 4, 2007

Terror in Tiny Town

It was nice to see so many avatars in the saloon again. There was lots of a room, especially since they were tinies! The event was sponsored by Mr. 1wuz gray (who being a nocturnal creature at GMT 0 unfortunately could not make it to the event) was there in spirit as I hung his posters around the bar room. Here we see the lovely Miss Lumina in a lovely faekitty form..she says sly foxes follow her all the time even when she's big, too.

People said I had a cute avatar. A little boxy, but surprisingly agile.

Even as a tiny Miss Emilly looks mysterious.


The ladies contest winner, My Little Sim Owner, Miss Kattryn Severine

The mens contest winner, the Pocketer of Polyjuice Potions, the Kuddly Koala Sir Edward Pierce, who pulled his wife Lady Christine out of his hat.

Sir JJ looks very distinguished as a hippogriff! He was hosting a Bookbinder's Ball and was kind enough to put a tiny bug in Duchess Gabrielle's ear to ask everyone to drift over to our event when theirs was finished. I'd take a few hops back if I were you, Lunar!

Sheriff Ortega has an amazing tolerance. Or he was just too busy smurfing as a DJ to smurf the smurf out of that smurf-smurf smurfing smurf!

Is this a tiny or a macro-quantum? Did anyone ever count all his electrons?

Just as we were finishing up, Father's new construction droid ambled in, modulating something about "pest control". We put our humanoid skins back on and left quickly.



emillyorr said...

Six, I believe. He was a carbon atom, it was affirmed.

All in all, a lovely evening. In spite of the crashing!

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ack! Had I known (and not been barred from the aethernet by the blaggards at TalkTalk who seem to have connected my via a piece of string rather than a telephone cable as they claim) I would had stopped by in my own tiny form :)