Sunday, April 29, 2007

Patroness of the Arts

I admit I was conflicted between attending the Steelhead Masquerade Ball and the Grand Opening of Aunt Sysperia's Madness Collection at her gallery.
There was a celebretory mood, as if by depicting the traumatic memories in the works, they had overcome them. The images were profound, and often disturbing. Miss Orr and Lady Darkling were there, both Muses to Sysperia and Zoe.

I was able to dance without me engine in fae form..the Dianic energy was off the scale!

I did purchase a lovely Victorianesque piece that I hope will look good in the fire station.

I do feel like a weight has been lifted since the Demon's passing. And after my reboot, I feel more relaxed. Less self-conscious.




emillyorr said...

More *you*, at the least. Or mayhap, less encumbered by restraints of form.

It's a very intense show. I'd love to see her follow this up, a year from now, and see if her muses' "madnesses" have changed...

Amber_Palowakski said...

I'm glad to see you are feeling more human, Qli. I would like to think I might have helped a bit with that last summer, planting some seeds for the future.