Monday, July 21, 2008

i don't understand myself anymore

she shies from the light, but hesitantly faced the camera again, staring back with clockwork eyes

This not easy. My old life was one centered on helping others. In a sense I still do. In a very narrow sense. Or perhaps it's their prey I protect by being a wolf in sheep's clothing. And a disguise like this...all too easy.

Their primary habitat has been laid waste. I know of secondary sites. But as a herd, they are migrating. And I cannot stray too far from the Maker.

I am not looking forward to a change of prey. But the Hunger is only surpassed by the desire to serve.

*wipes a crimson tear from her eye*

Damn you Founder! Why didn't you let me die with honor??? I've become a mockery of everything I...

*turns her head at the sound of a wooden door creaking, and shuts off the camera*

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Darien Mason said...

*watches the transmission, stunned to speechlessness*


*looks back to the chemistry lab in his chambers...sees the wine bottle on the table...the beaker of maroon liquid snaking through glass tubes...miked in steam and fire and arcane fluids to drip painstakingly slow into a glass syringe a reanimation green*

I'm sorry, Gem...there's nothing I can do...

*hides his face in shame as he turns off his machine and blinks out*