Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Koen met us at Port Novem. We all knew why. I offered him the vial.

"You're the Firstborn."

He shook his head. "I don't want it. I'm not letting Aleister or Jeremiah or this new kid get their hands on it, but if the Hydra shows up before..."

"None of us do," I said, "but someone has to. It won't work on constructs. That means Qli, Ash and I are out."

Qlippothic interjected. "That leaves Darien...and..."

Amarantis felt her family's eyes gazing towards her. She shook her head.

"Darien would jump off a cliff before becoming the Founder again," Koen said. "that leaves only one..."

My clockwork hand shivered slightly as I passed the vial into Koen's paw. Silently he crept out of the tavern and blurred into the shadows.


AliceWendy said...

Gem--I'd like to thank you for appointing me Funeral Director for the inevitable demise of Bloodwing. We are readying to hold the Wake at Port Novem (SLURL: http://tinyurl.com/643hwx)
tomorrow evening, Wednesday, September 3, beginning at 8pm SLT. Please have people contact me with any photos of the soon-to-be-deceased, so that I may set up the proper tribute befitting a demon of his stature. Yours, Alice

Gematria said...

His last message recorded in Dr. Mason's journal was time-delayed due to distance and interdimensional travel, Alice. He passed on one...maybe two weeks ago. It is only now that it has been confirmed beyond all shadow of a doubt. We deemed to keep it secret with so many of our enemies about. After the transmission, we can deny it no longer.