Sunday, February 22, 2009

all systems functional

Dr. Mason collapsed in my arms. It was just as well. I was not prepared to debrief him. I placed him on the operating table where I had been reactivated. Two Dolls stared up at me with porcelain smiles with laboratory smocks covering their frilly dresses.

“Good evening Miss Gematria. I’m Sasha, and this is Sparky. Can you fix Becca for us please?” She pointed to the damaged unit on the floor. I knelt down and scooped her into my arms.

“Damage is too extensive for me to repair.” I scanned my surroundings. I was not familiar with this laboratory. “Open the cryogenic chamber.” The other Doll complied, and I quickly secured the damaged unit. I considered placing Dr. Mason in stasis as well, but his condition was stable. “Doctor Mason will be comatose for approximately 48 hours.”

I performed self-analysis. This new frame was obviously based upon Mr. Allen’s CiCi series. The cranium, as opposed to the torso in earlier models, held my Sephiroth. The engine was far more compact and efficient than the Avarian artifact I was burdened with before. Even the coal chute was a smaller aperture, indicating the reduced intake. Fan assemblies at the joint assisted in distributing the heat evenly throughout the limbs. I had more than enough room left to install a new Galvanic Tesseractor in the torso.

I exited the laboratory to find myself in an expanded region of Steelhead.

“Miss Gematria?” Sparky asked as she timidly peeked from the front valve of the installation, “Where are you going?”

I turned back to answer just as plumes of electricity enveloped me, pulling me to my new coordinates.


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