Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fascinating Development

To: Emperor SteelCobra Calamari; Baron Klaus Wulfenbach; Dr. Darien Mason; Fire Capt. Gematria (Qlippothic v3.3) CVFB

From: SG Capt. Ash Mason (Tumim), House Wulfenbach Liason

I was involved in security management as the Steeltopia Public Works tested the Molecular Destabilizer and successfully vaporized the old Steeltopia Public Library. The weapon urban planning mechanism was successful, leaving no physical evidence of the Library's existence, save for one artifact discovered on the thin layer of dust that remained. It was a book.

All reading materials were supposedly removed from the SPL before demolition. This book must have been hidden away in some sort of safe, strong enough to protect the contents even as it was itself disintegrated. It is a large tome, and it bore the embossed emblem of my family's former crest, identifying it as part of the Bloodwing Foundation Chronicles.

The title, however, was one I had no records of in my data banks. The Adventures of Dr. Jeremiah Mason, Gentleman Adventurer.

I am taking the book to the Europan Consulate in Steeltopia for further analysis.

-Ash Mason

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