Saturday, September 15, 2007

There's no place like Steelhead!

I was getting ready to host the Wizard of OZ dance in Steelhead when a lagstorm whisked me away!

I landed in a world populated by munchkins..and hobos.

I met a fellow construct who told me all I had to do was click my steam armour boots three times and say "There's no place like home."

Obviously he was malfunctioning. But, as I did so to prove the error of his ways I was carried back to..Steelhead?

The Sheriff and Lunar seemed normal enough..but Tensai seemed a bit..different.I soon realized that I had a galvanic tesseraction failure and landed in a strange parallel Grid where Steelhead was ruled by a giant sculptie prim skull. Luckily their Linden Dollars are the same as ours, so I gladly stayed to host.

The Sheriff exercises his authority to stop a puppy-pile in progress.

AzA Zymurgy as a horrifying scarecrow.

Another tornado pulls in Hotspur as the Tin Woodsman. (Straw and metal golems were well represented at this event!)

Frequency Picnic gets dropped in as a lioness. Shouldn't those twisters be attacking Sleazywood trailer park next door?

Emilly Orr as Dorothy, with a friend she pulled out of the poppy fields.

The costume contest winner, Baron Wulfenbach..or is it Lionbach?

Chief Librarian JJ Drinkwater pays a quick visit to make sure the event is faithful to the literature.

Duchess Gabrielle tries to tell us the way find home again, but we were having too much fun to pay attention.

My Aunt Lumina as Dorothy and AzA the Scarecrow..
Next picture, please.

"Tensai! You fling poo at us again and you're going to the monkey cage!"

And then the Sheriff played THAT song and we were invaded by Dalek via a Stargate. The copyright infringement repurcussions alone caused a sensory overload..and I woke up. At club Mechanoid.

"Midnight! You were there and Hassanov was there and.."

Then I noticed my pocketbook was overstuffed with Lindens. I just smiled and got back to dancing.

~The End~


emillyorr said...

"Midnight! You were there and Hassanov was there and.."


And I swear, that song is a Dalek summoning spell. Put to music. There's no other explanation!

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Duchess Gabrielle tries to tell us the way find home again, but we were having too much fun to pay attention.

I'm pretty sure THAT Duchess was Duchess Eva.

What a great event this was. Steelhead rawks!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Heh, I missed seeing the stargate appear, although I'm sure I was there when the Daleks started popping in. However, I was late for the 'twisters' (American term, ja?) - interesting mode of transportation!

Klaus 'Lowenbach' (Frau Annechen will think I'm stealing her name now!)