Monday, November 19, 2007

Posings, Patrols, Pleasantries, Postulations and Puzzlement

I had become so embroiled in travails of my family that I had not been able to keep with my iwn expectations. But yesterday was quite the exception.

First, Sysperia asked me which month I wished to be for the Xanthas Muse pinup calendar...I told her June or July, since I do tend to run hot. *grin*

I took some time to don my uniform and patrol Caledon. I was shocked to find two mainlanders involved in the most unspeakable...posings on private, undeveloped land in the Cay! I grew more horrified when I heard the shuttering of their cameras! Now, I was enraged as both a Caledonian and as a professional model! I sounded the general alarm and shouted at them to cease their tasteless activities immediately. The presence of a uniformed android billowing flames and exhaust as she held back the urge to douse them with calcium carbonate was enough to force them to change venue. As they threw on some rags, rolled up their blanket and departed, a few ladies of local standing arrived to thank me for my vigilance.

Afterwards I had some warm conversations with some dear friends, including our Libarian Militant, Sir JJ Drinkwater.

Did you know JJ has his own aether journal? Now you do! It has the impeccable quality of discourse one would expect from our Champion of Literacy!

I circled back to Penzance to examine CiCi, a new construct for sale by Fawkes Allen. I paused at the term Concubine in its title. Was it a pleasure unit? It was not human enough to pass as one at first glance...perhaps it was for a special clientele. I noted the dimensions of the abdomen. Could it be a gestational carrier? That raises more questions than it answers. I think I will investigate further.

Finally I visited Clock Island, which I had glimpsed in description from the CNN journal or our world. It is a great puzzle of MYSTical proportions. As an added challenge, the hints you find are written in Japanese...

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