Friday, November 23, 2007

Much to Be Thankful for

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful collection of family and friends in Steelhead and abroad. And as a resident of the Colonies, my circle of acquaintances will continue to grow!

In Xanthas, the Twospirit Art calendar is out in "Bettie" retro and "Modern" pose for July could match either of era, but it is a striking image in black ant white with a hint of red in the eyes.

Speaking of bodies, I visited Penzance again to get more information on CiCi. The frame is indeed multipurpose, but the "concubine" minker is to assist in advertising.

I invited one of the Baron's companions, a new construct by the name of Titania, to have a look. She was unable to stay due to difficulties with her interface, but I had my Aunt Flea send her a Rezday present *smile*

I chatted a bit with CiCi's creator, Mr. Fawkes Allen, and heard an announcement from the Guvnah. The newest Caledon sim of Morgaine was in the process of creation due west of Penzance!

I had the pleasure of meeting more Caledonians for the first time that day. I returned back to foundation and was shocked to see Father's latest appears to be a Van Rijn Muse construct in salvageable condition! Will Father create another sibling? Will this one not wander off like the other clockworks and resuscitated organics he compulsively builds? Time will tell..


Monday, November 19, 2007

Posings, Patrols, Pleasantries, Postulations and Puzzlement

I had become so embroiled in travails of my family that I had not been able to keep with my iwn expectations. But yesterday was quite the exception.

First, Sysperia asked me which month I wished to be for the Xanthas Muse pinup calendar...I told her June or July, since I do tend to run hot. *grin*

I took some time to don my uniform and patrol Caledon. I was shocked to find two mainlanders involved in the most unspeakable...posings on private, undeveloped land in the Cay! I grew more horrified when I heard the shuttering of their cameras! Now, I was enraged as both a Caledonian and as a professional model! I sounded the general alarm and shouted at them to cease their tasteless activities immediately. The presence of a uniformed android billowing flames and exhaust as she held back the urge to douse them with calcium carbonate was enough to force them to change venue. As they threw on some rags, rolled up their blanket and departed, a few ladies of local standing arrived to thank me for my vigilance.

Afterwards I had some warm conversations with some dear friends, including our Libarian Militant, Sir JJ Drinkwater.

Did you know JJ has his own aether journal? Now you do! It has the impeccable quality of discourse one would expect from our Champion of Literacy!

I circled back to Penzance to examine CiCi, a new construct for sale by Fawkes Allen. I paused at the term Concubine in its title. Was it a pleasure unit? It was not human enough to pass as one at first glance...perhaps it was for a special clientele. I noted the dimensions of the abdomen. Could it be a gestational carrier? That raises more questions than it answers. I think I will investigate further.

Finally I visited Clock Island, which I had glimpsed in description from the CNN journal or our world. It is a great puzzle of MYSTical proportions. As an added challenge, the hints you find are written in Japanese...

Monday, November 12, 2007

and she wonders how she ever got here as she goes under again

I have been so busy with the family drama as of late that I haven't had much time to myself. I so wish I could tell you what happened to Dr. Mason, but I cannot. Just know that he is safe among us again.

Yesterday was a wonderful exception. I visited Caledon Penzance for the first time, it seems a festive place. I was quite impressed by the movie studio. I tried to find Emilly Orr's new storefront, but did not succeed. I did visit a Mayan exhibit in the town and spoke at length with the owner. He owns a scale model of a Mayan pyramid on a volcanic island. I sense an upcoming photo opportunity.

Speaking of which, I did have a modeling shoot at Xanthas last night. Sysperia had double-booked me with Lady Darkling,so I posed for Zoe Hartnell instead. The chemistry wasn't the same, but I think I had some good poses, including a "nude" in my brass shell, a maroon outfit in a gothic skin, and a Gigeresque jumpsuit with shades of pink and lavender. I do hope the photos turn out well.

Sysperia has asked me to host at Xanthas again on Fridays and Saturdays. I love the vibrant colors and clean lines of the place, an exact opposite of the decrepit, roach-infested warehouse my Demonfather's been hosting in.

After the shoot I paid a visit to Mr. Expedition Offcourse in Caledon Steam Sky City. I discussed my desire to have a flame retardant projector built into my exoskeletal arm, or at least some form of portable device to the same effect. An added bonus would be a scripted fire to extinguish. Dr. Mason tells me he saw just such a script in the Deadwood sim.

Koen has been sent to Transylvania on a mission by Bloodwing. Apparently, Dr. Jeremiah Mason's experiments with immortality included dabblings in Vampirism.

It's all so frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing one of Colonel Hotspur's silly card games where the rules change with every turn. Or that we're playing one of those carnival games where you try to "whack-a-mole", except I'm hammering Hydra's heads!


P.S. The mysterious red tide in Steelhead has subsided. So much for going against the Elements.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

When the Veil is Thinnest

Things seemed a bit more surreal than usual last night. Instead of wearing masks, people came closer to share their true selves. Identities blurred, Devas spoke of pain through Avatars. Work performed is mundane offices was performed as favor in the Shared Dream. Was it the Baron or the Amazon than took me shopping for a new sense of poise? Was it Qli or my Higher Being that reached out to a friend, battered and bruised by betrayal?

In the industrial park of Babbage I witnessed the end of Nature's rites performed and pyres vanish with the digital dawn.

We sat and laughed in a town called Hostel that was certainly Hostile. An old town opened but that day. Victorian decay and dark metal noize. The ruler is the slave, the whore and the midnight sacrifice to the jaws of wolves.

Discussions of extending the tendrils of Europa and Bloodwing sent ripples through the pond. No place for constructs or cat-people. At least not yet.

The lava in Steelhead's Harbor is rising. I'm certain it's related to the new sims destined to rise. But this is as much water as lava. The dolphins still jump and the pier as not in ashes. Spirits are at work here.

I will become the Lava Demoness and descend into the depths to see what endangers my birthplace, and speak to it. Hopefully this will be solved peacefully.