Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Future Caught Up with Me

My doppleganger and I had a I was a captive audience due to mu incomplete repair.

Her signature green glow was now interlaced with curcuitry. She had joined the Replicators..the survivors of Ancient Avaria who surrendered their bodies to a fusion of magic and technology to weather their world's Apocalypse.

The Motherboard had welcomed her with open arms. I asked her if she had forsaken that singing mad scientist Doctor Steel. She only laughed. I suspect her only true master is herself.

She chided me for trying to put out a plasma rire with calcium carbonate. For not intervening when the wargames of the Militias had collapsed.

"You should have taken over" she said. "That was only a Martian scouting expedition..and they burned down half of Caledon! What do you think they said when they sent their signal back to Mars? That Caledon is WEAK and ripe for the taking!"

I pointed out that Caledon had in factwon the battle.

"Barely, little sister. With an improvised barrage of lead shot, magic, and chickens. CHICKENS! Caledon needs a true leader.."

I clearly saw where she was going with her ranting and stopped her in her tracks.

"Oh no, little Qli..not me..YOU!"

"You're malfunctioning worse than ever! I'm a firefighter, not a Governor!"

"Even you admitted that you need more power. They shattered you! They will come back again and again..stronger than the last. Bloodwing is a shadow of what he was and Koen is a coward! Consider what you are willing to do to save who and what you love the most!"

And with that, she vanished in a crackle of energy..leaving me much to consider.

~Qlippothic Projects