Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rebuilding..and a New Threat

In the aftermath that followed my destruction at the hands of the Martians, Father was so busy tending to the wounded that he only had time to affix a cybernetic arm he purchased from P. Irate's to my shoulder, leaving me to do the rest. It was simple enough to replicate the arm and and make legs with the same design. I am back to using the furnace unit as well until my sephiroth replenish their energy.

And now of all times, the Hunter Jobias Barthelmess has chosen this moment to darken the streets of Steelhead. I recognized him from the Sheriff's journals..though he also bears a striking resemblance to a Gallifreyan called the Master. (I will have to contact Dr. Sputnik to make sure this is only a threat to Steelhead and not the entire Continuum!) Sheriff Ortega speaks of him with fear in his eyes. He has laid waste to entire packs of werewolves in the Old Country. The Sheriff claims he is a threat to every non-human sentient he encounters.

Steelhead is a city based on the rule of Law. I cannot stop him until I find him in the midst of some dastardly plot, or the Sheriff provides a warrant..or even extradition papers. Otherwise I would not hesitate to leave a crater where he stands.

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