Thursday, July 26, 2007

Griefers from Outer Space

The day started wonderfully enough with a transmission from Agent Hassanov. He had taken my idea of modifying steampowered elephants for use as walking fire engines and amplified it to a scale that only he can accomplish. Behlold..the stampowered wooly mammoth..STAMPIUS MAXIMUS!

Even the reserved Miss Kattrynne was overheard to say, "That is something!" Howerver thing quickly took a turn for the worst. Just as Sir JJ and I were introducing ourselves to a new member of our polite society, I heard an engine drone behind me that could not have come from the mammoth. I did not even have to turn my head..the look of terror on the newcomer's face told me everything. The Martians had come to Steelhead.

Oh, that the mammoth were fully operational! It only stood in place as the orbs harried me and its creator. I called for reinforcements from Caledon and gratefully they arrived. The spacecraft seemed to have developed resistance to my ZRD slugthrowers, but likewise I had strengthened my armour to resist their plasma cannons. I did close in enough on one of them to find something unexpected. Humanoid lifesigns..and a familiar one at that. Perhaps it was a glitch.

And of course, Barthelmess arrives on cue after the all-clear is sounded. Don't the Men in Black always arrive after the aliens leave? Hmm..perhaps he is more than he seems.

Sheriff Ortega, I need answers. Exactly HOW did Mr. Barthelmess wipe out your kin? "Exploiting their weaknesses" can mean anything. Silver bullets? Fire? Magic? Griefing clowns?

I don't know about he rest of you, but alien invasions are quickly going the way of werewolf attack.

Perhaps Qli Steele was right. The only answer to keeping the homelands safe are through the application of raw power. The next time you see those floating eyeballs over your sim..



Fuzzball Ortega said...

He didn't wipe out my kin. He killed some members, but didn't wipe it out. Although he wanted to, along with the furries, tinies, changelings, and other non-human citizens

What he did was overthrow a kingdom and we thwarted his plans.

Qlippothic Projects said...


Can you POSSIBLY BE any more specific? Spit it out! If it was through blackmail, just say so and leave it at that. You don't just overthrow a kingdom by holding a town meeting you know!

Amber_Palowakski said...

It seems the alien plague is spreading. *sighs*

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hmmmm... "along with the furries, tinies, changelings, and other non-human citizens". I guess then, I too would be on his hit list of 'undesirables'. In which case, whilst I live largely as a man of peace, please be assured that is you ever need to call upon the services of my Webley .45 and Bumble Bee gun, I shall come as fast as I can to help out.

This includes for further incursions by those damnable Martian blaggards!

Hotspur O'Toole said...

I'm so sorry you find them so inconvenient, "Miss Projects". I have a feeling you will never see them again, never fear.