Wednesday, July 25, 2007

System Repairs Complete

There still seems to be some trouble with the engine, only one exhaust pipe is working, but that may be a symptom of gridwide troubles. JJ tried to cheer me up for my upcoming rezday by taking me shopping in Victoria City. I steered away from a Dark Victorian dress (Celtic knots aren't really my style) and towards a more austere riding dress from Amusing, with boots by the same maker dress. The boots promptly vanished after the system crash, but she is replacing them with a sit of heels not on her kiosk. Thank you Miss Messmer!

I invited the new Bloodwing to the Foundation so I could speak with her..albeit slowly and tentatively through translation devices. The encounter is described in my recent Bloodwing Foundation post. An addendum..shortly after the encounter she reappeared with a female friend to peruse the art galleries. They were especially interested in Sysperia's works so I referred them to her gallery. Just before she left Madam Sperber called herself my Mother, then kissed me.

I must assume Bloodwing is adjusting well to the new form.


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