Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hitting The Reset Button On My Life!

Yesterday was amazing!

Since restarting this life of mine I have encountered so many wonderful things!
I started off the day meeting one of the most interesting people in Caledon: Lady Ordinal Malaprop!

She invents guns and firearms as well as other sophisticated items. And to coin an overused phrase: is quite a bit ahead of her time. We had an interesting conversation at her shop.

[11:49] You: I once got the notion to use a series of magnets to "pull" a bullet through a series of rails, so that the final speed of the round could exceed that of an ordinary shell. Also it would make the gun quieter as the only sound it would make would be that of the sonic barrier being breached.
[11:49] You: But I dismissed the idea as absolutely silly.
[11:49] You: I mean really. Magnets?
[11:50] Ordinal Malaprop: Rather weak things all told, unless there is some sort of rare earth that one could use.
[11:50] Ordinal Malaprop: And then the whole thing would collapse.
[11:51] You: Yes and considering my construction, I'm afraid I would get large sections of the gun jammed into my body in a very uncomfortable and perhaps comical manner.
[11:51] Ordinal Malaprop: Mind you, well, I do have my balloon platform, but that is not what one would call strictly magnetic force, or else the entire building would collapse.
[11:51] Qlippothic Projects nods
[11:51] Ordinal Malaprop: And also not very fast.
[11:52] You: Actually I tend to not enjoy magnets as a rule. For some reason I can never remember what I was doing with the magnets. Its like parts of my memory are totally erased by them.
[11:52] Ordinal Malaprop: How peculiar! I can't imagine why that might be.
[11:52] Qlippothic Projects shrugs
[11:52] You: I did try to start a magnet collection once but I cant recall where I left it.

Later in the day I along with a few other amateur detectives were asked to solve a fictional murder that had occurred in Caledon. the clues were very difficult to find and even with my superior senses it was difficult to find them all.

In the end I was down to two weapons and two suspects, and my battery charge was dangerously low. So I reported my deductions to Lady Darkling and hoped I would be correct.


Though a reward was offered, I think the idea of the bragging rights and sense of accomplishment was even better. Retiring to my recharging area atop the house I slept a short time.

When I awoke later I met up with father again, and we proceeded to Mr. Hotspur O'Toole's Birthday party. It was a very wild and festive occasion where we celebrated by dancing and engaging in something called Amish Rake Fighting.

I also met a couple of very special friends from my past. Captain Bohemia, and Mr. Hassanov, were there to dance with me, as was Neome!

I felt a little strange because these people were all very special to Qli, and I felt worried they would be disappointed with me. Afterall, I do not have Qli's memories and I can never be the Qli they knew and loved. But, I found them to be very accepting and lovely.

I look forward to my further adventures in this strange new land and body.

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