Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Miracle on Polymath Street

[20:54] Santa: Erm, Hello, little... thing?
[20:54] Santa: is it even possible for you to sit in this guise?
[20:55] Santa Ho Ho Hos warily...
[20:55] Qlippothic Projects: I suppose you know what I am going to ask.
[20:55] Santa: GOMPH!!!!
[20:55] Santa: you're a tad.. heavier than my usual...
[20:55] Santa feels his knees compress
[20:56] Qlippothic Projects: That is exactly the problem, Mr. Claus. Or is it Nicholas?
[20:56] Santa gasps.. contrary to popular belief.. I'm not omniscient.
[20:56] Santa: I just.. .have.... a very good ... surveillance department.
[20:57] Santa: mind shifting to the other knee before it crushes? Oh, thank you.
[20:57] Qlippothic Projects: Well, I would like to be changed back into my humanoid form
[20:57] Santa: As a Christmas present?
[20:57] Qlippothic Projects: If that is what it takes
[20:57] Santa: You realize that this might be a bit outside the purview of North Pole Limited, er.. Miss?
[20:58] Qlippothic Projects: You do make robotic toys?
[20:58] Qlippothic Projects: even a tiny one would be better than this
[20:58] Santa: we normally deal in the odd toy doll, toy gun, clockwork...
[20:58] Santa: Robots??? Robots! why yes, we DO make toy robots...
[20:59] Santa: We have an entire prison camp.. er.. FACTORY jobbing out that task right now.
[20:59] Santa: Great people, the Chinese... almost as industrious as Elves.. and mostly Atheists.. imagine having to make an evening's delivery for one billion households.. Oy!
[20:59] Qlippothic Projects: Do you have a model available on site?
[21:00] Santa rubs hands gleefully.. or would.. were they not balancing a several hundred pound steambot on his person.
[21:00] Qlippothic Projects 's robotic tentacle searches Santa's sack.
[21:00] Santa: At best, we could let you see a prototype..
[21:00] Qlippothic Projects: Ah, this one is perfect
[21:00] Santa: but.. we've never tested this..
[21:00] Santa: it really is outside our line of work, Miss!
[21:00] Santa: PHEW! Thank you for shifting..
[21:01] Qlippothic Projects: Father never tested THIS either!
[21:01] Santa: Now now, be respectful to your father, that's a good little killbot.
[21:01] Qlippothic Projects extracts her soul chip and inserts it in the memory slot of the toy
[21:01] Santa: My my! What a transformation!

The spider-mech transformed into a rather large menorah when it was deactivated. The only thing I forgot to ask is if this form was made with lead paint...


Emilly Orr said...

Oh dear.

Well, with luck, you'll get back to the form you're more comfortable with soon!

And Hotspur will...erm...recover...

DarklingRose said...

"The only thing I forgot to ask is if this form was made with lead paint..."

We shall all have to be careful not to lick you...!