Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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Very well..

1. When Flea Bussy built my engine, the coal chute was labelled a "chest hatch". For obvious reasons, I reconfigured it to go on my abdomen. She also built some...faucets.

2. When I founded the Caledon Volounteer Fire Department, I was trying hard to be Caledonian, a bit too hard in fact. Now I stick to writing in New World English.

3. I only worked in Le Jardin et Lumiere once, and that was as a bartender.

4. The first ball I went to in Steelhead was an outside event. The sploder was dispersing Linden dollars, and I thought it was malfunctioning. I offered to repair it, and I was dissuaded.

5. When Steelhead played Big Band music at their Formal events, people dedicated the song Steam Heat to me. I also became obsessed with finding the one they called "Nat, King of Coal".

6. I like to be addressed as Captain Projects, Qlippothic, or even Qli. I do not like being called Qlip, and especially don't like being called Qlippo!

7. I enjoy playing En Garde! Even though my technique is in dire need of improvement.

8. You will never find me in Gorean silks!

I would call out eight people, but judging by the exponential rate of this silliness, all the friends I have who write blogs have probably answered theirs already.


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Emilly Orr said...


I'm coming up on my third time.

*thinks dire thoughts about tagging Koen, or Himself with the red wings*