Saturday, December 8, 2007

Steelpunk at Steamhead

In an effort to invite more Neo-Victorians to settle in Steelhead Harborside, we threw a Steampunk-themed party last night.

I greeted guests at the door, and made sure they were dressed appropriately. Mr. Hassanov was on the guest list, but the hat had to go.

This one claims she knows Dr. Steel. I let her in.

On the Tiny List.

Everybody conga? Oh wait, it's polonaise. Isn't that what people spread on theri sandwiches in Warsaw?

In the middle of the festivities, I was summoned back to Father's lab. He gleefully tells me he has a Hanukkah present for me. I gratefully said I'd accept it. I woke up like this.

Father...I know the Spark makes you build strange things but...a spider mech?

To make matters worse, I was overcome by a hunting instinct and chased Tensai about the square.

Afterwards I visited Miss Orr to get some advice on how to deal with this new form. Her beign a shapeshifter, I've seen her powers go awry more than once. I did find I had the power to cling to the underside of skyboxes. Good I guess for when large robotic flies decide to buzz through.

Perhaps some meditation calm me enough to figure out what to do next.


Emilly Orr said...

Well, and don't forget the stealth maneuver--large spider mech with ninja powers? That's not bad...

...but, yes. Especially the huge drain on your power. You'd have to find an alternative source of power to run in that form, something much more dense, much stronger...


Caledon Morgaine does have that floating cavorite mountain....

Qlippothic Projects said...

Cavorite makes flight much easier as it negates the wright of he vehicle, but it is not an actual power source. A source of propulsion is still needed.

Upon further investigation, I've found this form is designed to burn oil rather coal. In fact one day's worth of oil in my standard form will last me eight days in...

Oh no..

*looks down at her eight legs*


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

My dear Chief Projects,

At the very least, it's a practical seasonal appearance.


Klaus Wulfenbach