Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm too Sexy for My Gears

I almost didn't make the walk. I've modeled for Sysperia and Zoe in the studio before..but never did the runway. And otherworldly concerns kept me away until the last minute.

But I saw the faces of hopeful friends in the audience at Breaking the Mold..I slipped behind the stage and prepared.

We were all encouraging each other. I paid special attention to Nux, self-conscious of being the only male construct in the presentation.

I thought I was almost forgotten..others had gone twice while I still waited in my velvet dress, crashing yet again, fumbling to switch silver for copper and tugging the necklace free from my gears.

But then I was called out. I took slow methodical steps like a bride to the altar. I curtsied to each side as they gasped and cheered. Miss Vavoom cried "Showstopper!"

After the show I danced a bit with Darkling and Kiralette. I finally got the answers I needed. Now we must formulate a solution.

Next to attempted business discussion with a highly distracted Guvna Shang. Hopeful enough.

Then an all-too-short tour of the Wormser estate and Sir Zen's Malthusian goldfish. Disturbing similarities.

Today I attend the reception for Baroness Amber and Mr. Book! If only Father had a tuxedo to go with his Cerebral Preservation Droid..


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