Sunday, June 3, 2007

Scheduling Errors

I arrived at Sheriff Ortega's Birthday Party ready to host, and was soon admonished that I wasn't supposed to be hosting by Miss Katt. No one had made it cler to me previously that I was NOT supposed to host. I apologized, packed up my chest, handed the Sheriff a gift envelope from the Foundation and slipped off to my next event.

The Radio Riel party seemed more of a gathering than a ball, and someone who offered to be my escort never showed. I was a bit confused as Her Grace was preparing to leave to a seperate event, and left while her own event was still in progress.

And from the waiting I missed the rehearsal for the Doll Fashion Show entirely.

I stopped by the Falling Anvil for a glass of hot oil. And there to my horror was my delinquent brother Koen curled up asleep on the piano with a glass of milk in his paw!

His clothes were a mess, and out of period as well! I gathered him in my arms and carried him back to the firehouse, where he could sleep of his shenannigans in a warm bed.

I need to intervene somehow..Koen is afraid of Dr. many are due to his calling, but he has nothing to fear. Why live like a stray cat when a mansion is always open to him?


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