Thursday, June 7, 2007

Praised for Poise

I had to rescue Father's mindless body from the top of the Lighthouse early this evening. Thankfully he was calm as I embraced him and tesseracted us both back to the Foundation.

Last night I went to a grand opening of some new works in King has Fallen gallery. Tonight, I posed for Sysperia and Zoe for a commission of the Clockwork Dolls group. Since I was already an Elite Muse, she seemed to pay special attention to me. The dresses of the other Dolls were amazing, I frankly felt outclassed. But everyone wanted to know where my gearbox came from. Sysperia displayed a few of the pictures at the after-party..I was simply awestruck!

I ran into a fellow Construct I hadn't seen in ages. She explained that there are *two* realms called "Dark City" (Tombstone all over again!) and that Koen is the newer of the two. Further, He and I are both welcome to the older Dark City that she helped create.


emillyorr said...

It's an insane thing. I used to be involved in Dark City...or an aspect of me used to any rate, when the conflagration happened, everything I'd put out in the demonic lair I'd been set to decorate vanished. To date, NONE of it was returned, to ANY folder in my inventory.

When I protested this, I was told to talk to the other group, as they were responsible for "destroying the sim". When I went to speak with them, they pointed fingers at the other side and said if THEY hadn't decided to pave the sim FLAT...

I washed my hands of all factions and left all groups. They can have fun sniping at each other. I'm out of it.

Qlippothic Projects said...

I am sorry, Emilly. I heard nothing of this. This madness of trying to be unique and "genuine" repeats itself in every century!