Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This can't be happening!

I heard Dr. Mason's last transmission and tesseracted to the Foundation as fast as I could. There is blood all over the main level. The worst carnage is in the Doctor's operating room. The equipment is smashed, and the walls are stained with soot. I'm also finding faint traces of black and red fur..and that faint remnants of that cloying, alluring scent exuded by succubi and incubi from their wings. I seem to be immune..

Oh? Wait. Maybe not. I just shifted to succubus form without trying. That's a strong reaction! Oh yes, that's my Father's scent alright. Doesn't do anything for me of course except make me remember how much I miss him..

*sigh* I better set up an illusion around the house to make it look like everything is normal. I was just ready to shove my android fist through Koen's chest, but.. This all typical demon drama! I'm sure things will sort themselves out..

Hmm..I'm craving chocolate. Where's that icebox? *teleports upstairs*

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