Friday, June 1, 2007

To Marvel and be Marvelled

My clockwork heart swells with pride to see my civic anthem enshrined in the heart of Victoria City! The Bloodwing Foundation shall remain solvent. I have another two months to worry about how we will keep the family estate.

The Demon may be summoning wealth from outside this world on June 18th. Apparently Midsummer is the birthday of the Demon's first mortal shell to erect the Foundation, and arcane financial rituals are involved in this boon. This is the primary reason why the Foundation must retain the Demon's name.

I try to avoid being vain, but I had a handful of admirers circling me when the plaque was unveiled. I was assured that it was the strength of my spirit and earnest demeanour that made made unique in all of Second Life, and that my physical forms gears and engines, even the horns and wings.. were secondary, only indicators of my creativity.

*dabs glowing eye with a fireproof handkerchief as steam escapes from her ear ducts*

My anthem was written out of love for Caledon, my second home. What makes it special are the people that bless this expanding stretch of green by their presence. And I felt that love returned many times over last night.


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