Friday, June 15, 2007

Passing the Torch

I have been asked why I have not reapplied for the Hostess position in Steelhead. The fact is that I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment..possibly even depressed.

I am too worried about keeping my RL job to run events with an expanded SL job decription.

The Foundation will be receiving an infusion of RL currency so we can pay rent on the parcel as far into the future as possible. Then I will not have to scramble to pay rent each month.

If I do continue to work in SL it will be purely because I enjoy it. The previous contract was extremely generous, but all good things must come to an end.

I don't want this nagging voice in my head while I'm hosting saying "We need more attendees! If I don't make X more in tips we'll be living in meQal's old tent!"

So for now, I'm closing my tip chest and locking it tight. I expect the occasional infusion from modeling or some future venues in the works, but nothing near what I made before.

I wish the best of luck to my successor. I will be available for advice and possibly as a stand-in should the need arise.


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