Friday, June 15, 2007

Pirate Ships and Weddings

The Crew of the Cat's Grace had landed in Steelhead, looking for booty to plunder. Then they ran into me. Debating whether I was a lass or a treasure..pawing my dress until I unsheathed my claws. Of all the time for invasion, when Christine McAllister and Sir Edward Pearse were celebrating their handfasting! When scurvy beasts threatened the faerie I shifted into battle configuration.

I lay heavy fire with my Malaprop repeating of them had a magic wand that dropped giant stones, denting my armor at least once, and almost drowning me if not for Deputy Sushi who quickly rose to the surface, then rammed their ship while I shot her masts. The ship shook with each blow..until it floated into the air and out of the city.

They will be back. I can sense it..tonight when I host Pirate Night. But this time all of Steelhead will be with me, as well as the Captain of the Mare Angelus.

So..I dusted myself off and slipped back into my oxidized dress. The new Hotel was..majestic. I have never seen the like. Lunar has truly outdone himself.

I had the pleasure of dancing with a couple friends before I felt something stir within me..I wasn't sure what. I went back to patrolling the coast, suspecting a return of the Cat's Grace.

When I returned..even though somch in the city has changed so recently..there was a lingering sense of something..familiar..that had just come and gone.


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