Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is "Firefightress" a Word?

Miss Merlin Imp built this wonderful stasis chamber for me. I believe there was a bit lost in translation, but perhaps Engrish is appropriate for a doll box for a Qlippothic action figure.

Also, two photos from my most recent shoot with Sysperia, as well as the other Muses, are available for your purchase in the real world at

A quick reminder..The founding members of the Bloodwing Foundation will most likely not be available until the evening of July the 5th. I will be on constant vigilance for uncontrolled pyrotechnics.

~Fire Chief Qlippothic Projects

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Overwhelmed by Generosity

Thank you Sysperia and Zoe for a wonderful shoot! You were so generous with all of your birthday gifts! And thank you Midnight for the heart design from Bare Rose!

I am especially grateful for the back and panel Zoe installed in me..which can easily be installed in the front as well without gear scripts going haywire. If you get close enough you can see three of my Sephiroth from that opening. In this one you can just see Da'at, which is not actually a Sphere in itself but the synergy of the other ten..a quick diagnostic of that one and and the Doctor can view a Gematric readout of my operational status.

And..there seems to be a matter with Taiyou that needs to be straightened out.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Looking back to find myself again

Yes, my deva had a birthday as well, but I tend to shy away from such things. I would prefer to celebrate on my rezday, a month and seven days from now.

But as long as we're on the subject, here's some irony for you. This is how I looked my first month of existence, when I was a greeter at Bare Rose.

And yes, that's the same skin I'm wearing for my doll form now. I was so naive back then to the ways of humanity. I was still more a flesh golem than a machine, and more a machine than a living being. But infusions of Fae and Qabalistic magick have changed me drastically.

What was I thinking with this one? Oh yes..fireproof. Thank goodness for alchemical fabric treatments!

And who would have thought this picture would ever be possible again?


Sunday, June 17, 2007

A quick update

Father..Dr. Mason..has propped me up on the couch with a glass of hot oil. I think I will sit here a while as I come to gips with what has happened.

Things started going downhill last night..due to RL issues I was unable to appear at Tensai's ship until half an hour later than scheduled. By then Lunar had appointed Emilly to run the vent. I would not begrudge her a chance to make more Lindens since she has been so busy setting up the Taiyu. I also told her I had to adjust to not being host anymore as well, which stunned her. She never did respond well to fatalism.

I couldn't even find the costume in my inventory from the last Pirate event on the harbor. I had to scrounge something from the back of my inventory. I had missed the return of the Cat's Grace. Just as well, as Midnight was delayed as well. My mood was sinking rapidly, so we left together for important discussions..which I fear may have tripped off another situation.

The most shocking thing however came tonight. Bloodwing is back. And Dr. Mason is still here as well. In different bodies.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Pirate Ships and Weddings

The Crew of the Cat's Grace had landed in Steelhead, looking for booty to plunder. Then they ran into me. Debating whether I was a lass or a treasure..pawing my dress until I unsheathed my claws. Of all the time for invasion, when Christine McAllister and Sir Edward Pearse were celebrating their handfasting! When scurvy beasts threatened the faerie I shifted into battle configuration.

I lay heavy fire with my Malaprop repeating of them had a magic wand that dropped giant stones, denting my armor at least once, and almost drowning me if not for Deputy Sushi who quickly rose to the surface, then rammed their ship while I shot her masts. The ship shook with each blow..until it floated into the air and out of the city.

They will be back. I can sense it..tonight when I host Pirate Night. But this time all of Steelhead will be with me, as well as the Captain of the Mare Angelus.

So..I dusted myself off and slipped back into my oxidized dress. The new Hotel was..majestic. I have never seen the like. Lunar has truly outdone himself.

I had the pleasure of dancing with a couple friends before I felt something stir within me..I wasn't sure what. I went back to patrolling the coast, suspecting a return of the Cat's Grace.

When I returned..even though somch in the city has changed so recently..there was a lingering sense of something..familiar..that had just come and gone.


Passing the Torch

I have been asked why I have not reapplied for the Hostess position in Steelhead. The fact is that I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment..possibly even depressed.

I am too worried about keeping my RL job to run events with an expanded SL job decription.

The Foundation will be receiving an infusion of RL currency so we can pay rent on the parcel as far into the future as possible. Then I will not have to scramble to pay rent each month.

If I do continue to work in SL it will be purely because I enjoy it. The previous contract was extremely generous, but all good things must come to an end.

I don't want this nagging voice in my head while I'm hosting saying "We need more attendees! If I don't make X more in tips we'll be living in meQal's old tent!"

So for now, I'm closing my tip chest and locking it tight. I expect the occasional infusion from modeling or some future venues in the works, but nothing near what I made before.

I wish the best of luck to my successor. I will be available for advice and possibly as a stand-in should the need arise.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


her tears fall like rain
you neglected to mention
then dare ask me why?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm too Sexy for My Gears

I almost didn't make the walk. I've modeled for Sysperia and Zoe in the studio before..but never did the runway. And otherworldly concerns kept me away until the last minute.

But I saw the faces of hopeful friends in the audience at Breaking the Mold..I slipped behind the stage and prepared.

We were all encouraging each other. I paid special attention to Nux, self-conscious of being the only male construct in the presentation.

I thought I was almost forgotten..others had gone twice while I still waited in my velvet dress, crashing yet again, fumbling to switch silver for copper and tugging the necklace free from my gears.

But then I was called out. I took slow methodical steps like a bride to the altar. I curtsied to each side as they gasped and cheered. Miss Vavoom cried "Showstopper!"

After the show I danced a bit with Darkling and Kiralette. I finally got the answers I needed. Now we must formulate a solution.

Next to attempted business discussion with a highly distracted Guvna Shang. Hopeful enough.

Then an all-too-short tour of the Wormser estate and Sir Zen's Malthusian goldfish. Disturbing similarities.

Today I attend the reception for Baroness Amber and Mr. Book! If only Father had a tuxedo to go with his Cerebral Preservation Droid..


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Praised for Poise

I had to rescue Father's mindless body from the top of the Lighthouse early this evening. Thankfully he was calm as I embraced him and tesseracted us both back to the Foundation.

Last night I went to a grand opening of some new works in King has Fallen gallery. Tonight, I posed for Sysperia and Zoe for a commission of the Clockwork Dolls group. Since I was already an Elite Muse, she seemed to pay special attention to me. The dresses of the other Dolls were amazing, I frankly felt outclassed. But everyone wanted to know where my gearbox came from. Sysperia displayed a few of the pictures at the after-party..I was simply awestruck!

I ran into a fellow Construct I hadn't seen in ages. She explained that there are *two* realms called "Dark City" (Tombstone all over again!) and that Koen is the newer of the two. Further, He and I are both welcome to the older Dark City that she helped create.

Bad to Worse

I have heard from a reliable source that Koen has been left at the doorstep of the neko community in Dark City, where I assume they will teach him how, who, and why to fight. He can stay there for all I care.

Father's regeneration is coming along well. In a few days he should..

Dr. Mason? Wasn't your body in that tank an hour ago?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This can't be happening!

I heard Dr. Mason's last transmission and tesseracted to the Foundation as fast as I could. There is blood all over the main level. The worst carnage is in the Doctor's operating room. The equipment is smashed, and the walls are stained with soot. I'm also finding faint traces of black and red fur..and that faint remnants of that cloying, alluring scent exuded by succubi and incubi from their wings. I seem to be immune..

Oh? Wait. Maybe not. I just shifted to succubus form without trying. That's a strong reaction! Oh yes, that's my Father's scent alright. Doesn't do anything for me of course except make me remember how much I miss him..

*sigh* I better set up an illusion around the house to make it look like everything is normal. I was just ready to shove my android fist through Koen's chest, but.. This all typical demon drama! I'm sure things will sort themselves out..

Hmm..I'm craving chocolate. Where's that icebox? *teleports upstairs*

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Scheduling Errors

I arrived at Sheriff Ortega's Birthday Party ready to host, and was soon admonished that I wasn't supposed to be hosting by Miss Katt. No one had made it cler to me previously that I was NOT supposed to host. I apologized, packed up my chest, handed the Sheriff a gift envelope from the Foundation and slipped off to my next event.

The Radio Riel party seemed more of a gathering than a ball, and someone who offered to be my escort never showed. I was a bit confused as Her Grace was preparing to leave to a seperate event, and left while her own event was still in progress.

And from the waiting I missed the rehearsal for the Doll Fashion Show entirely.

I stopped by the Falling Anvil for a glass of hot oil. And there to my horror was my delinquent brother Koen curled up asleep on the piano with a glass of milk in his paw!

His clothes were a mess, and out of period as well! I gathered him in my arms and carried him back to the firehouse, where he could sleep of his shenannigans in a warm bed.

I need to intervene somehow..Koen is afraid of Dr. many are due to his calling, but he has nothing to fear. Why live like a stray cat when a mansion is always open to him?


Saturday, June 2, 2007

NEWS FLASH: SL ToS Gets Tossed in Court

It took a Judge to tell them what we already knew: SL's current Terms of Service are too vague and there's no adequate appeals process for disciplinary actions by the Lindens.

Friday, June 1, 2007

To Marvel and be Marvelled

My clockwork heart swells with pride to see my civic anthem enshrined in the heart of Victoria City! The Bloodwing Foundation shall remain solvent. I have another two months to worry about how we will keep the family estate.

The Demon may be summoning wealth from outside this world on June 18th. Apparently Midsummer is the birthday of the Demon's first mortal shell to erect the Foundation, and arcane financial rituals are involved in this boon. This is the primary reason why the Foundation must retain the Demon's name.

I try to avoid being vain, but I had a handful of admirers circling me when the plaque was unveiled. I was assured that it was the strength of my spirit and earnest demeanour that made made unique in all of Second Life, and that my physical forms gears and engines, even the horns and wings.. were secondary, only indicators of my creativity.

*dabs glowing eye with a fireproof handkerchief as steam escapes from her ear ducts*

My anthem was written out of love for Caledon, my second home. What makes it special are the people that bless this expanding stretch of green by their presence. And I felt that love returned many times over last night.