Friday, May 18, 2007

The Fires of War

The night began pleasantly enough, strolling through Caledon and offering my services to fight cancer. Auditioning elsewhere afterwards, again offering my services. Then the distress call.

It is so hard to fold space and time at critical points in history, because so many outside of time are watching the nexus of events it is almost impossible to slip through. After pouring so much energy into my tesseractor that I broke it, I landed at the Firehouse in the Cay. Barely I saw the glowing profiles of the buildings of Victoria City in the distance!

The Neaultenbergers withdrew I donned my steam armour and flew to the carnage as fast as I could. As soon as I received permission from our military to enter the combat zone, I saw the carnage. My adopted city in flames! My arm canisters of flame retardant were enough to douse one building,my supply of carbonate was exhausted. And the fires still burned in the capital. I ran East to see the train station in Primverness also ablaze! The hangar! The CIRRUS demolished in its time of greatest need!

I did the best I could, I swear I did. I even used the new spell the Doctor taught me to project ice into the infernos.

The soldiers had to pull me away as they formed their own bucket brigades along with the citizenry. You'd done enough, they said. Victoria City shall not fall. No innocents were lost.

I collapsed in the firehouse. I woke up and surveyed the damage to my organic shell. I need some minor adjustments before being seen in public.

Still smelling the smoke on me I wearily showed up to host in Stelehead. Monty Python theme. Why do humans constantly listen to the same jokes over and over for 30 years? My head pounded, my teeth ground, my jaw ached, optic sensors malfunctioning garish patterns..

Another thing, mortal. It is one thing to tell me you miss my father the Incubus. It is ANOTHER to tell me exactly WHY. And to reveal the same of a third party who is no longer her to deny or even take offense..

I was hosting. I had to remain decorum. Otherwise things would have gotten VERY VERY MESSY.

And then while dancing alone I saw a man's hands in the corner of my eye, I spun claws arcing with a death-rake..

Empty air.

we dance to the sounds of sirens
we are the heroes of self-deception

These urges are not my own. What is happening to me?



emillyorr said...

What on earth did I say?

Qlippothic Projects said...

No it wasn't you Emilly. See my Father's notice.

emillyorr said...

I have, since this. Eeek.

I do know she was very drunk...not that that helps.

Qlippothic Projects said...

It is no excuse.