Sunday, May 6, 2007

Living Up to Standards

Cinco de Mayo stated on "Mexican Time"..about 7:30. It was a smaller crowd than the night before. During the dance I received a telegram what since my proposed anthem for Caledon only lost by one vote, Caledon My Home would become the civic anthem, for the Librarians, the Fire Brigade, the Secret Police..all of them. It should have been a wonderful night.

But things did not go as planned.

There was discussion of physical passion on the dance floor, and I made a comment about how Father uses alternate means to "reproduce". A word was uttered in levity..a word that should never be spoken in polite company. Especially in the presence of one of the Created. I felt my family had been slighted. I drew my talons and requested an apology. I received an explanation instead.

I did come to my senses eventually. But the feelings of good friends were hurt. It must have been something in the air, or the full moon. Even in the normally proper Caledon channel people were screaming profanities.

I spent some time putting up some of Aunt Poppy's pictures in the Foundation home until Father a pirate outfit. I told him what happened, and was disappointed. He said he had regained his strength, and that he was no longer burning with the fires of Erebus he still had means to protect himself and his honor. He proceeded to display the magic he had recovered. Jets of fire and ice and darkness, and others to dangerous to cast in town.


emillyorr said...


And, of course, this is the dance I miss, because, as I had so much trouble getting in world, I felt I might have been thrown into limbo at any time. And thus occupied my time dancing in another venue entirely...

I would ask you what was said, but clearly, it was beyond the pale. You have all my sympathies, Qlippothic. Such a thing should not have been spoken in Steelhead, I'm thinking.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Such a thing should not be spoken in any of the several Victorian sims. *sighs deeply and hugs Qli*

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Nooooooo, such a thing should not be spoken of.

Have to keep an eye on the cemetary in Steelhead. I don't think anyone would appreciate seeing Katt's great-great grandfather, Jebediah, walking around the place. He'd look kind of icky.