Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Machines Have Ears

Just as a dryad can converse with the trees and flowers, so can I as a construct converse with devices.

And the trains and trolleys of Caledon have heard and seen many things indeed.

Including the fact that SOMEONE is on the Hunt in Caledon, and I don't mean for small game.

Someone who can change shape at will, and prefers a female form.

As Fire Chief I am sworn to protect life and property in Caledon, be it from fire, bullet or claw.

I regret that I was not at the Reconciliation ball to prevent what happened, but I was able to keep my mad sister from joining the fray. Had she been there History itself would have ben a casualty.

But I will prevent this. I shall not tolerate assassination on Caledonian soil! Not even for revenge.

Call the offender to a duel. Or better yet ask Guvna for a trial. Now that we have a police force we need officers of the court as well!

Again I say, whoever you are, CALL OFF YOUR HUNT. This is your only warning.

~Fire Chief Projects

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