Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pictures of Porcelain and Plastic

Emilly is right, dancing does help one feel better.

My old friend Captain Nux bought the most beautiful oxidized metal dress in New Babbage for me. It goes so beautifully with my copper hair! To all the Tinies in Tanglewood I do apologize for my ultrasonic SQUEEEEEEE..

Yesterday I learned that the good thing about being a doll is than when you put your foot in your mouth you can just detach your ankle and quietly limp away.

Sysperia and Zoe's Naughty & Nice exhibit opened last night. Guess which half I spent more time at? I was slightly unnerved by the rising level of drama from TwoSpirit, but then when you have that many artists and divas in one place, what can you expect?

These pictures and more were taken at the event by David/Kronos, all of which can be seen at his web album.

I received a lot of compliments and queries about my velvet gown, which I won penning Caledon's civic anthem. Prim & Proper, of course!

And then there was this one mysterious gentleman whispering non sequiturs in my ear. It felt like Pepe le Pew meets Monty Python. I think he was trying to be mysterious but came off more as cryptic. And had there been a crypt nearby I would have gladly been his realtor.

I have be careful which pictures I display here. But then are undressed Barbies considered NSFW?

I was starting to wonder if I was being passed over like an old toy on the shelf, but it turns out I am indeed booked for a doll shoot Thursday night!


*monitor cracks*

ADDENDUM: Self-Diagnostic. Vanity is prevalent in today's operations. New Vanity avatar from Grendel's may be a factor. Showing it on journal may exacerbate condition. Withold.


subversive said...

I do hope you'll reconsider showing us your Grendel av :P

Eladrienne Laval said...

Your oxidized metal dress is fantastic!