Friday, May 4, 2007

..and the Family Grows

I knew it wouldn't be long before Father started reanimating again. I even asked the locals in the Caledon Moors to shoo him away if they saw him in the graveyard. But no, he went to the frontlines, at great risk to himself, to peruse through the carnage. Had I known he was so determined I would have provided escort.

I am of course overjoyed to have another sister, and I cannot wait to see her! But he may have created an international incident in the process. I am told that Kimmy speaks fluent German and English. How much of her comes from Neualtenburg? How much of her comes from Caledon, besides the Beltane soulflame from Loch Avie? And who knows where else her components came from?

My frame came from Crimson Falls, which no longer exists, so I have never had to consider these questions. If our family gets much larger we'll have to put gates around the Bloodwing Foundation to keep the angry mob with pitchforks and torches at bay!

Speaking of torches, I heard Polymath has burned to the ground. Such a pity. Someone should have called the Fire Brigade.

Father tells me he has seen my old friend Spring-Heeled Jack creeping about Steelhead. Are you looking for me, old friend? Or are you up to something more sinister?


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Amber_Palowakski said...

A large family can be a nice thing. :)