Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh Dear..

My brother Vor.. Koen tell me there's restructuring for the Steelhead events due to declining attendance. Friday events are still scheduled but the Balls are scaled back to once a month.

They expect more from the Host and are withdrawing the salary. This much I should have expected. But I did not expect to have to reapply for my position and that others are vying for it.

I'm going to have come up with a new schedule. I was supporting the Bloodwing Foundation easily before, but now I'm not sure.

Dr. Mason is going to have to charge more for his services.

I'm hoping the Doctor's plan to open the Foundation as an art gallery will bring in a profit as well, Miss Katat0tonik's works are as whimsical as they are unnerving. As for the Falling King, Zoe has sworn never to set foot in Steelhead again, which pretty much rules that out.

As for myself, there's modeling for Sysperia, but that's only occasional work.It looks like my primary income will be working at Taiyu and Velvet Rose. I could go back to dancing at Toxia as well if I had too.

Now if only my brother would stay in one place long enough to earn some funds..


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