Sunday, May 13, 2007


*sits up wearily with a hot coal compress sitting between her horns*

Owww.. I remember hosting the Jazz formal in Steelhead..and then going to the Rave in Carntaigh. But it's still woozy..I think I had a euphoria buzz..

Good news is Aunt Poppy made this movie about her latest galleries, Glamour Cats and Volatiles, with a cameo by Yours Truly!


emillyorr said...


*looks at picture again*


I'd say so...

By the way, the two pictures of you in the Volatiles show? Are spectacular.

Qlippothic Projects said...

Even though I smile at the fact that two paintings of me have already been bought, I do not consider myself in competition with other Muses. That is because I could never be a match for your Shifter's beauty, poise, and versatility Miss Emilly!