Monday, May 14, 2007

My Father's Daughter?

Last night I was moving furniture in the Foundation at Dr. Mason's request, lifting the Industrial Couch and Sofa with ease..


I removed the engine and phased into my molten form..what I assumed was a Fae configuration from my first forays into Lumindor. I took to the seats in this form like I had done before. I ran my hands along the cast iron frames. No itch, no burn, not even the smell of the metal brought me discomfort.

I consulted my aether journal..replaying Aunt Poppy's slide show. She was backpedaling from calling me a fae. She must know something..

I examined the components of this form that came from Aunt Flea at Grendel's Children, comparing it against illustrations from Father's Taxonomy of Supernatural Humanoids.

The molten form and the chitinous protrusions that grow from her are form Magma Succubus, a breed of succubi that roams the volcanic ranges of Erebus and the gas vents that speck the borders between the Elemental Planes of Earth and Fire.

Her wings, wing support calcifications, and sweeping horns are only seen in the Spirits of Lust, the highest, purest breed of succubus royalty!

..or is it incubus royalty?

I thought back to the photography shoot with Sysperia, and the rave bacchanal in Carntaigh afterwards. Both times I felt the flames passion around me. And both times I quietly stoked those flames and fed from the psychic energy. Even when I was still dependent upon my engine, I somehow kept slipping into this form at occasions like this.

This form is not Fae. It is Succubus.

Is this the Prince's legacy for me? Am I still the demon's daughter as much as the Doctor's creation? I placed me hand over my chest, and sensed what lay within. The soulflame..was still there. The Doctor's purification did not remove the unholy essence, only concentrated in this lava-lust body!

Make no mistake, I am still the same person in golem or succubus form, but one is closer to the superego, the other to the id. And I cannot abandon either form..that would be like forswearing the use of one's own limbs.

Pale Prince, just when you have passed is when I most need you! You are not here to teach me, and you were so conflicted when you were here I wonder if your instructions would even hold wisdom!


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