Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Midnight in the Garden of Dolls and Apples

An impromptu dance where the King fell, and grass and trees grew over the chessboard. We danced to the Cure and Dead Can Dance. I invited Midnight, and she spoke of her plans with Seraph. I spoke of my plans in turn.

Then I told her and Darkling about the loophole in the Demon's curse. One that B________ himself recoils from using. It is less a loophole than a defect, one that at some point will happen whether it passed our minds or not. As my missing Father said when I contacted him via ouija board:

7 generations in my blood
son neko
9 lives re generations
7th life will draw me

I tried to ask him what number life my brother was on, but I lost contact..the board and glass had frozen over and stuck together.

To inhabit the body of a descendant a century later is not a great concern, demons and sorcerers have done as much over the millenia. But to take over the body of one's own child, apparently, is considered a disaster.

I had another talk with Miss B. Luckily for her she does not live in Caledon. She would not last long with her tactlessness. I have no desire to make enemies, but she cannot be my friend. Mr. MeQal has abandoned our grid to live with..penguins? He will be missed.

Another note? Contrary to what was written in the recent issue of the Anvil I cannot be sure I can attend the dances this weekend. Therefore I cannot host. Father and I are are going to the beach tomorrow and should be back Monday evening. My porcelain won't burn, but I must shut my gearbox tight and line the lid with ceiling wax, along with my ball joints. I don't want sand in my gears!

Dr.Mason doesn't know this, but I've created a simulacrum from spare doll parts that I can operate remotely from an aetheric transmitter. If I can send a strong and stable signal I will happily attend! I do enjoy the Masquerades!


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