Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

..despite the fact that I never had a Mother in the biological sense. The way I have come to see it, I had two fathers, both of whom shared the same body. And now one is gone from this century. For all the chaos he caused, I cannot help it..I miss him.

It was the Demon's Mother, Persephone Riel, who gave me the maternal love I so dearly needed. Grandmother has since journeyed on to another realm beyond the Grid, and I miss her dearly as well.

In the absence of of the Wife of Hades, it was Lady Darkling who gave me unconditinal affection and support, and helped me grow confident enough in my self that I could explore my sentience and my feminine identity. Thank You.

And then, there is Emilly. I will never know how close she came to being the permanent companion to the Incubus, and it is not my place to ask. But I watched all of her successes and setbacks, taking to heart how enthusiastically she leapt from one adventure in life to the next, and how unfaltering she was when she had to dust herself off and climb again. Thank You.

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