Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Exploring the Beta Grid

In a word, lagged beyond belief. The only exception was Tombstone-Beta. I had only visited the town a few times, but soon after speaking with the owner, Miss Ahmina S., I realized this wasn't the Tombstone that the Demon inhabited briefly. Yes this was the infamous "OTHER Tombstone" that was spoken of only in hushed whispers in Steelhead.

I didn't seem that bad to be honest. She even expressed interest when I mentioned Dr. Mason. They have no medical staff at the moment. And though they are not subject to the spasms of violence that the other Western sim must cope with there is still the occasional shootout.

Since Father has no remaining ties with Walks-With-Fire's city, perhaps she could set up shop in Miss Ahima's territory?

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

Actually, if this particular Tombstone treats some of the Steelhead residents with a bit of respect when we come over to visit.....I wouldn't speak of them in hushed whispers.